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We will meet with you in person or via webinar with a team of laundry consultants any time between May 18 and May 29.

Free laundry care package for all who participate!

Stimulus Equipment Rebates & Financing Specials

Get pre-approved today for the best financing in the 52 year history of PWS!

No payments for 120 days, 6 months of interest only, 5.1% APR with terms up to 96 months depending on size of transaction.*

The online, one-page loan application comes with no obligation, so what are you waiting for?

MachineControlExtractionModel #Stimulus RebatePayment Months 1-3Payment Months 4 - 10Payments Remainder of TermWarranty
20lbTouch100GSCT020VCAFXB60B000$878$0$15$515 years
30lbTouch100GSCT030VCAFXB60B000$1,249$0$20$685 years
40lbTouch100GSCT040VCAFXB60B000$1,785$0$25$855 years
60lbTouch100GSCT060VCAFXB60B000$2,163$0$34$1185 years
80lbTouch100GSCT080VCAFXB60B000$3,142$0$48$1665 years
30lb StackTouch STT30NVCARBH5NC000$1,274$0$26$915 years
45lb StackTouch STT45NVCARXH5NC000$1,597$0$31$1075 years
75lb SingleTouch ST075NVCARBH5NC000$610$0$16$575 years

*Monthly payments do not include delivery, installation, accessory items, or sales tax.

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