Speed Queen Control Types

Speed Queen equipment have the most advanced control features in the industry. Speed Queen calls their top-of-the-line controls "Quantum." The Quantum Controls come in three different levels:

Quantum Gold
Has the features of the Quantum Silver controls, but adds: Wireless Networking, Profitability Reports, Customer Selected Price Modifiers, Computer Audit, Computer Programming, Auto Dispenser Flush, Auto Shutdown Assistant, Break-In Alarm, Drop Off Mode, Lucky Cycle, OPL Mode, Power Saving Mode, Remote Vend.
Quantum Silver
Main features are Multi-Level Pricing, Pause and Resume, Slow Drain Detection, Water Leak Detection.
Quantum Standard
Only available on some non-metered washer-extractors, this control panel offers basic machine management with reliability and energy efficiency.

Coin Slide

Machines with the simple coin slide control gives users the choice of multiple speeds, wash/dry cycles, and temperatures.


Basic and dependable, this control panel offers convenient features, such as water and cycle selections and an electronic timer.


Available in electronic and manual operation, these simplistic, stylish controls offer a variety of cycle and temperature selection.