Additional Information

Electrical System
Today's Speed Queen washer-extractors are dual phase machines and work in both single-phase and three-phase electrical configurations. Most models are 220 Volt, although there are a few models that work in a 110V application.

Activation optionsSpeed Queen washer-extractors can be activated or started using coins, cards, or push-to-start (non-metered).
Coin and card applications are mainly used in laundromats, while non-metered washers are used in other industrial / commercial applications such as hotels, motels, salons, gyms, campgrounds, etc.

Control Type
Speed Queen washer-extractors have the most advanced control features in the industry. Speed Queen calls their controls "Quantum." The Quantum Controls come in three different levels:

  • Quantum Gold
    Has the features of the Quantum Silver controls, but adds: Wireless Networking, Profitability Reports, Customer Selected Price Modifiers, Computer Audit, Computer Programming, Auto Dispenser Flush, Auto Shutdown Assistant, Break-In Alarm, Drop Off Mode, Lucky Cycle, OPL Mode, Power Saving Mode, Remote Vend.
  • Quantum Silver
    Main features are Multi-Level Pricing, Pause and Resume, Slow Drain Detection, Water Leak Detection.
  • Quantum Standard
    Only available on some non-metered washer-extractors, this control panel offers basic machine management with reliability and energy efficiency.
  • Control options

    G-Force is used to compare washer extraction speed and moisture removal. The higher the G-Force, the more water is removed during extraction. When more water is removed during the wash load, the load will dry faster.
    While machines get more expensive the higher the G-Force, high extraction leads to increased throughput and lower dryer gas bills.

    Side Panels
    Speed Queen washer-extractors come with either stainless steel or vinyl clad side panels. Most customers purchase models with vinyl clad panels because their durability is similar to stainless steel, but are offered at a lower price point.

    With Quantum Gold, you can wirelessly connect your equipment through your wi-fi network. What that means for you is that you can program, monitor, audit, and diagnose your networked machines from any Internet-linked computer, anywhere in the world. With up-to-the-minute data on store activity, you can make the most informed business decisions regarding pricing, service needs, advertising, and promotions.