Our History

PWS is the nation's premier distributor and developer to the commercial laundry industry, with a proven track record of 45 years. We are a " one-stop shop" offering an extensive range of products and services under one roof to meet the needs of our customers.

In 1968, three highly successful coin laundry entrepreneurs established PWS – The Laundry Company (PWS Inc.)

  • Morton Pollack - The pioneer of coin laundry resale
  • John Wickham - The exclusive distributor of Speed Queen® commercial laundry equipment in Southern California and Southern Nevada
  • Bernie Steinberg - the originator of Launderland "turn-key" coin laundries

In 1973, PWS acquired the northern California and Nevada Speed Queen distributor to form the largest distributorship in the nation.

our history our history our history

PWS Today

PWS is managed by 2nd and 3rd generation Co-Presidents, Brad Pollack and Brad Steinberg. Under their leadership, PWS has grown to be the dominant force in commercial laundry and is the only industry company that offers a complete set of end-to-end services, including:

  • Commercial laundry equipment sales, rentals and service
  • Development of new laundromats
  • Financing for laundromat sales and equipment purchases
  • Parts Sales

In March 2021, PWS sold a majority of their assets to Alliance Laundry Systems, the manufacturer of Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment. After 53 years, PWS continues to be the premier distributor of Speed Queen commercial equipment in the United States and the only factory-authorized Speed Queen coin-laundry distributor in California and Nevada.

PWS has offices in South Gate, Downey, San Francisco and San Diego.

Quick Stats
  1. PWS is the largest distributor of equipment to laundromats in the United States, having purchased over $500,000,000 in laundry equipment in the Company’s history
  2. PWS is the largest developer of new laundromats in the United States, having built approximately 3,000 laundromats in the Company’s history
  3. PWS is the largest distributor of commercial laundry parts in the United States and has the industry’s leading eCommerce website, pwslaundry.com
PWS Today PWS Today PWS Today

Laundry Equipment Sales

PWS distributes Speed Queen® commercial laundry washers and dryers, ranging from single-load to 175lb capacity. We also sell to all commercial laundry applications, including Laundromat, multi-housing laundry equipment and on-premise laundries We offer equipment sales, financing, leasing and revenue sharing options.

Laundry Equipment Sales

Laundry Sales Agents

PWS has the most experienced laundry sales personnel in the industry. Our team have spent an average of 14 years in the laundry industry and possess the knowledge and experience to help you be successful. Get in contact with one of our sales agents today. We'd love to hear from you!

Laundromat Sales

Remodeling, Design & Laundromat Construction Services

PWS has extensive knowledge when it comes to building the perfect new laundry, having developed over 3,000 stores since the Company's inception in 1968.


Laundry Parts & Supply Sales

PWS is the largest distributor of commercial laundry replacement parts in the country. We have a dedicated call center to handle off all your parts needs. We have over $1.5mm in parts inventory and offer same day shipping on most items

Laundry Parts