Build a New Laundromat

PWS has extensive knowledge when it comes to building the perfect new laundry, having developed over 3,000 stores since the Company's inception in 1968.

  • Site Selection
    PWS will either help find a new laundry site or determine whether a proposed laundry site is viable.
  • Market Analysis
    PWS will put together a complete demographics and competition analysis.
  • Design and Build Out
    PWS has an in-house team dedicated to determining the appropriate design and headache free build-out of your new laundry.
  • Financing
    PWS has in-house financing for new laundry build-outs, which usually require approximately 35% down of the total cost of laundry (equipment and construction).
  • After Sales Support
    PWS will assist with the grand opening and continued support through the laundries growth stage. Additionally, PWS has the largest laundry replacement parts department in the United States as well as a factory trained service department.
  • Lease Negotiation
    PWS has negotiated thousands of leases and can assist in negotiating favorable terms

PWS has an inventory of new Laundromats available for sale.

If you are interested in owning a Laundromat and already identified a location, we can complete your build out and installation of equipment.

Click here to view examples of laundromats we've built.

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