Nick Luzecky

“The touch is an easy transition. We’re used to using touch screens on our phones and our tablets, I think this is just a natural progression.” - Nick Luzecky

Ross Dodds

“They have been around for generations and are still going strong… that shows the great relationships they have with their clientele,” Dodds said."

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Mike Nemetz

“PWS has a recipe that works...their laundry formula de nitely accelerated my corporate America exit,” he said. “Their integrity and credibility are held in high regard in the industry.”

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Roy Narvaez

He bought his first store in Huntington Park, Calif. in 2011 and slowly started replacing the dated equipment, which set the stage for the approach at his second store in Downey, Calif.

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Deechen Horton

Deechen purchased a run down store in West Hollywood that was doing $5,000 a month in revenue and with the help of PWS turned it into an extremely profitable Laundromat.

Al Amiri

Al has been a customer of PWS for over 10 years. He is a multi-store owner that is continually buying, remodeling and selling Laundromats.

Ed McCobb

Ed converted a vacant building he owned in Southern California into a very large and successful Laundromat.

Laundromat Financing

PWS customers talk about the benefits of laundry ownership and of Speed Queen financing