Card and Mobile Payment Options

Card-Operated Laundries

Card & Mobile Pay Solutions

Card and mobile payment systems allow owners to operate Laundromats or apartment laundry rooms without the use of quarters, or in combination with quarters. With recent advances in technology there has been a proliferation of card and mobile payment system manufacturers.

PWS has tremendous expertise in offering advice on finding the right card or mobile payment system for your specific needs. PWS is proud to distribute the following card payment systems:

Phone App Credit Card Loyalty Card Common Use
Speed Queen Insights Laundromat
SpyderWash Laundromat
FasCard By CCI Laundromat
LaundryCard By CCI Laundromat
SmartCard By ESD Laundromat & Multi-Housing
SmartLink By ESD Multi-Housing
Pay Range Multi-Housing
Shine Pay Multi-Housing

The SpyderWash Payment System allows your customer the convenience of using Coin, Credit/Debit Card, Loyalty Card, RFID Contactless Credit Cards, or NFC Mobile Wallets such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay Mobile Wallet to pay for their Laundry.

The FasCard system works with existing coin laundry machines and accepts coins, credit/debit cards, loyalty cards and mobile wallet. FasCard gives you the flexibility to accept any or all payment options available with the system.

LaundryCard replaces all of the traditional coin mechanisms in your store with networked card readers. Customers obtain a loyalty card from a kiosk by using cash, a debit/credit card or ApplePay/AndroidPay and the value added to the loyalty card can then be used to start a machine.

Electronic Payment System for Vended Laundries

The ESD SmartCard system is versatile, easy-to-use, and is simple to manage, making owning and operating multi-housing systems a breeze. This state-of-the-art electronic payment system comes with multiple products that interact seamlessly. Our SmartCard system is also compatible with multi-housing systems.

Add the latest technology to your washers and dryers to offer your customers the most conveinient way to pay, with PayRange. It only takes your customers one swipe on their phone.

ShinePay allows you to accept electronic payments on your coin or card-op machines. You can use ShinePay in conjunction with coin or other systems. Shine Pay requires no other equipment besides the customer's smartphone.

  • Easier Operations
    no collecting quarters
  • Potential to Increase Revenue allows for smaller adjustments to pricing (change prices in one penny increments, which allows you to increase your net income)
  • Customer Loyalty
    once people put money on the card, they keep coming back. Also, many card payment systems offer loyalty programs
  • Flexible Pricing
    allows regulation of peak time usage with premium pricing
  • Safety
    makes collections quicker and eliminates theft from coin boxes