SpinCycle South Gate

Welcome to our monthly blog on laundromat operations! On December 15, 2016, we opened a laundromat called SpinCycle Laundry Lounge. This laundromat is 3,400 sq ft and is actually connected to our corporate headquarters in the city of South Gate, CA. PWS is in the business of selling commercial laundry equipment, brokering existing laundromats and developing new laundromats; so we thought it would be a good idea if we operated a laundromat ourselves. This enables us to have a fully functioning showroom, which will allow us to better understand laundromat operations and laundry customers.

We thought creating a blog about our experience running this laundromat would be helpful to laundromat owners. Around the 1st of every month we will post a new entry. This blog may differ from others in that instead of telling anecdotal stories about operations, we will share hard data to highlight the impacts of various marketing or operational changes. Each post will examine a different aspect of laundry operations, and will hopefully be able to give laundromat operators some insight into how to best operate their stores. We welcome your questions, comments and in person visits.

Some Background on SpinCycle Laundry Lounge in South Gate, CA

Equipment Mix

All equipment is Speed Queen Quantum Gold. These machines allow for price modifiers, which we have enabled:

Machine Type Quantity Pricing
Top Load Washers 6 $1.75 light and medium / $2.00 heavy
Horizon Washers (22 lb soft mount) 6 $2.00 light / $2.25 medium / $2.50 heavy
20 lb Washers 10 $1.75 light / $2.00 medium / $2.25 heavy
30 lb Washers 10 $2.75 light / $3.00 medium / $3.25 heavy
40 lb Washers 7 $3.75 light / $4.00 medium / $4.25 heavy
60 lb Washers 5 $5.75 light / $6.00 medium / $6.25 heavy
80 lb Washers 2 $7.75 light / $8.00 medium / $8.25 heavy
30 lb Stack Dryers 6 $0.25 / 8 minutes
45 lb Stack Dryers 10 $0.25 / 6 minutes
75 lb Single Pocket Dryers 6 $2.00 for 35 minutes

For every modifier used, we give the customer an extra rinse and 4 more minutes of time. So the difference between a light and heavy cycle is 2 rinses and 8 minutes.

Other Amenities:

Laundromat Payment Options