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Orange, CA - Coin Laundry



PWS is remodeling an existing 1,440 sq ft laundromat located in a busy, highly sought after Orange Country shopping center. PWS will deliver a beautifully presented turnkey laundromat with all of the bells and whistles. Success at this business will be driven by the owner's ability to promote and advertise the newly remodeled laundromat and to develop the growth opportunities of wash and fold and commercial laundry operations.

The laundromat has a lengthy, new 10-year lease plus two 5-year options. Work on the laundromat will begin on September 1 and should be completed by the end of 2020.

Down Payment (approx.): $200,000



Orange, CA Laundromat/Coin Laundry Equipment

  • 4 Speed Queen Top Load Washers
  • 4 Speed Queen Touch Washers 20 lb
  • 6 Speed Queen Touch Washers 30 lb
  • 7 Speed Queen Touch Washers 40 lb
  • 2 Speed Queen Touch Washers 60 lb
  • 1 Speed Queen Touch Washers 80 lb
  • 7 Speed Queen Stack Dryers 30 lb
  • 2 Speed Queen Stack Dryers 45 lb
  • 2 Speed Queen Single Dryers 75 lb

Orange, CA Laundromat/Coin Laundry Features

  • 1 Changer
  • 1 60" TV



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