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Speed Queen SYN030DNHX 30 lb Softmount Washer-Extractor

Speed Queen's softmount washer extractors are available in 20 to 125 pound capacities and offer an attractive, modern design.
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Non-Coin Washers

Model Electrical Activation Control Type Extraction Spec Sheet
SYN030DNHX 1/3 Phase Non-Metered QED Select Control 400G Download

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Electrical System
Today's Speed Queen softmount washer-extractors are dual phase machines and work in both single-phase and three-phase electrical configurations. Most models are available in 220V or 440V.

Activation optionsSpeed Queen softmount washer-extractors are non-metered and are activated with a push-to-start button. Non-metered washers are used in industrial / commercial applications such as hotels, motels, salons, gyms, campgrounds, etc.

Control Type
Speed Queen softmount washer-extractors up to 70 lbs. come with the QED Select control. This control has 99 preset programs, multi-lingual support, and customizable wash programs. The display allows users to follow the status of every phase of the wash cycle and make changes at any time for maximum efficiency.

Control optionsThe 90 and 125 lb. washer-extractors come with a Micro Control, which has a graphical display and features such as cycle programming, delayed start, error counters, and error log.

G-Force is used to compare washer extraction speed and moisture removal. The higher the G-Force, the more water is removed during extraction. When more water is removed during the wash load, the load will dry faster.
While machines get more expensive the higher the G-Force, high extraction leads to increased throughput and lower dryer gas bills.


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